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CCET Non-Credit Course Registration


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Please select one course from the list below and click "Select Course" at bottom. As this process permits you to register for only one course at a time, please revisit this link if you would like to register for additional courses.

Available CCET Non-Credit Courses Offered by Alfred State College (Internet)

Select Subject/Course Title

BIO 101 Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology

CHEM 101 Essentials of Chemistry

COD 100 Coding Exam Prep

HIT 100 RHIT Exam Prep

HTM 141 Compassion Fatigue/Vicarious Traumatization in the Animal Care Field

HTM 141 Compassion Fatigue/Vicarious Traumatization in the Animal Care Field

HTM 140 Compassion Fatigue/Vicarious Traumatization in the Helping Field

MATH 101 Essentials of Intermediate Algebra

PRF 105 Broadcast Captioning Preparation Module

VAS 110 Equine Hoof Care

Available CCET Non-Credit Courses Offered by Alfred State College

Select Subject/Course Title

BRC 101 Learn2Ride (Beginning Motorcycle Rider Course)

Available CCET Non-Credit Courses Offered by Ed2Go (Internet)

Select Subject/Course Title

ED2G GW1 A to Z Grantwriting

ED2G AGW A to Z Grant Writing II - Beyond the Basics

ED2G FUN Accounting Fundamentals

ED2G AF2 Accounting Fundamentals II

ED2G SDP Achieving Success with Difficult People

ED2G SE1 Achieving Top Search Engine Positions

ED2G AAA Administrative Assistant Applications

ED2G COP Administrative Assistant Fundamentals

ED2G TM3 Advanced CSS3 and HTML5

ED2G AC3 Advanced CompTIA A+ Certification Prep

ED2G AFW Advanced Fiction Writing

ED2G ADP Advanced Grant Proposal Writing

ED2G AX7 Advanced Microsoft Excel 2007

ED2G AE0 Advanced Microsoft Excel 2010

ED2G AX8 Advanced Microsoft Excel 2013

ED2G AX6 Advanced Microsoft Excel 2016

ED2G HCK Hack Your Way to Security

ED2G WB4 Advanced Web Pages

ED2G ETE An Introduction to Teaching ESL/EFL

ED2G AAP Assisting Aging Parents

ED2G AC1 Basic CompTIA A+ Certification Prep

ED2G PTA Become a Physical Therapy Aide

ED2G CRB Become a Veterinary Assistant II: Canine Reproduction

ED2G PCV Become a Veterinary Assistant

ED2G PSK Become a Veterinary Assistant III: Practical Skills

ED2G BOT Become an Optical Assistant

ED2G GWC Becoming a Grant Writing Consultant

ED2G BGP Beginner's Guide to Getting Published

ED2G BCF Beginning Conversational French

ED2G BWP Beginning Writer's Workshop

ED2G BTW Building Teams That Work

ED2G BFN Business Finance for Non-Finance Personnel

ED2G BMW Business and Marketing Writing

ED2G 0BH Certificate in Brain Health

ED2G 0CC Certificate in Complementary and Integrative Health

ED2G 0EL Certificate in End of Life Care

ED2G 0EM Certificate in Energy Medicine

ED2G 0FN Certificate in Food, Nutrition, and Health

ED2G ALL Certificate in Gerontology

ED2G 0GH Certificate in Global Healing Systems

ED2G 0HA Certificate in Healthy Aging

ED2G 0H1 Certificate in Holistic and Integrative Health: Foundations 1

ED2G 0H2 Certificate in Holistic and Integrative Health: Foundations 2

ED2G 0H3 Certificate in Holistic and Integrative Health: Foundations 3

ED2G 0ID Certificate in Infectious Diseases and Infection Control

ED2G 0IH Certificate in Holistic and Integrative Health

ED2G 0MH Certificate in Integrative Mental Health

ED2G 0EI Certificate in Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare

ED2G 0MD Certificate in Meditation

ED2G 0MW Certificate in Mindfulness

ED2G 0NC Certificate in Nutrition, Chronic Disease, and Health Promotion

ED2G 0CH Certificate in Healing Environments for Body, Mind, and Spirit

ED2G 0CP Certificate in Pain Assessment and Management

ED2G 0PI Certificate in Perinatal Issues

ED2G 0CS Certificate in Spirituality, Health, and Healing

ED2G 0SB Certificate in Starting Your Own Business in Health and Healing

ED2G 0SM Certificate in Stress Management

ED2G 0VP Certificate in Violence Prevention and Awareness

ED2G 4LA Common Core Standards for English Language Arts K-5

ED2G NPC CompTIA? Network+ Certification Prep

ED2G SC3 CompTIA? Security+ Certification Prep 2

ED2G SCP CompTIA Security+ Certification Prep

ED2G CSW Computer Skills for the Workplace

ED2G 4CL Content Literacy: Grades 6-12

ED2G JPN Conversational Japanese

ED2G 4CC Creating Classroom Centers

ED2G MA5 Creating Mobile Apps with HTML5

ED2G WEB Creating Web Pages

ED2G CW2 Intermediate WordPress Websites

ED2G 5WB Creating a Classroom Website

ED2G CBP Creating a Successful Business Plan

ED2G 4IC Creating the Inclusive Classroom: Strategies for Success

ED2G DEW Designing Effective Websites

ED2G 5DI Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom

ED2G 4DA Differentiating K-12 Assessments

ED2G DPH Discover Digital Photography

ED2G DSL Discover Sign Language

ED2G DLM Distribution and Logistics Management

ED2G DRW Drawing for the Absolute Beginner

ED2G 3DM Easy English 1

ED2G 3ET Easy English 2

ED2G 3EN Easy English 3

ED2G EBW Effective Business Writing

ED2G EFF Effective Selling

ED2G ELP Employment Law Fundamentals

ED2G TSD Empowering Students With Disabilities

ED2G ELA Enhancing Language Development in Childhood

ED2G PC1 Legal Terminology

ED2G PHT Explore a Career as a Pharmacy Technician

ED2G MIM Explore a Career as an Administrative Medical Assistant

ED2G CD1 Medical Coding

ED2G MT1 Medical Transcription

ED2G EMW Explore a Career in Medical Writing

ED2G ECN Explore a Career in Nursing

ED2G SU2 Fundamentals of Supervision and Management II

ED2G SUP Fundamentals of Supervision and Management

ED2G TEC Fundamentals of Technical Writing

ED2G GED GED Preparation

ED2G GMA GMAT Preparation

ED2G TP1 GRE Preparation - Part 1 (Verbal and Analytical)

ED2G TP4 GRE Preparation - Part 2 (Quantitative)

ED2G GEN Genealogy Basics

ED2G ATT Get Assertive!

ED2G CWR Get Funny!

ED2G GGR Get Grants!

ED2G GRR Grammar Refresher

ED2G GR2 Grammar Refresher II

ED2G ESL Grammar for ESL

ED2G GPF Growing Plants for Fun and Profit

ED2G 4GW Guided Reading and Writing: Strategies for Maximum Student Achievement

ED2G 4GR Guided Reading: Strategies for the Differentiated Classroom

ED2G HIP HIPAA Compliance

ED2G HME Handling Medical Emergencies

ED2G HHP Happy and Healthy Pregnancy

ED2G PME Project Management @ e-Speed

ED2G HSS Homeschool With Success

ED2G IGD How to Get Started in Game Development

ED2G HAP Human Anatomy and Physiology

ED2G HP2 Human Anatomy and Physiology II

ED2G PIE Individual Excellence

ED2G IIT Instant Italian

ED2G 5IT Integrating Technology in the Classroom

ED2G NCP Intermediate C# Programming

ED2G TM2 Intermediate CSS3 and HTML5

ED2G AC2 Intermediate CompTIA A+ Certification Prep

ED2G ND6 Intermediate Dreamweaver CS6

ED2G NNC Intermediate InDesign CC

ED2G NJV Intermediate Java Programming

ED2G NA0 Intermediate Microsoft Access 2010

ED2G AI3 Intermediate Microsoft Access 2013

ED2G NA6 Intermediate Microsoft Access 2016

ED2G NA7 Intermediate Microsoft Access 2007

ED2G NX0 Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2010

ED2G NX6 Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2016

ED2G NX7 Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2007

ED2G NX8 Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2013

ED2G IW0 Intermediate Microsoft Word 2010

ED2G N13 Intermediate Microsoft Word 2013

ED2G NW6 Intermediate Microsoft Word 2016

ED2G NW7 Intermediate Microsoft Word 2007

ED2G NTN Intermediate Networking

ED2G NOC Intermediate Oracle

ED2G NPH Intermediate PHP and MySQL

ED2G NCC Intermediate Photoshop CC

ED2G NC5 Intermediate Photoshop CS5

ED2G NC6 Intermediate Photoshop CS6

ED2G QI3 Intermediate QuickBooks 2013

ED2G QI4 Intermediate QuickBooks 2014

ED2G QI5 Intermediate QuickBooks 2015

ED2G QI6 Intermediate QuickBooks 2016

ED2G INS Intermediate SQL

ED2G VB9 Intermediate Visual Basic

ED2G IPC Interpersonal Communication

ED2G ASP Introduction to ASP.NET

ED2G IAX Introduction to Adobe Acrobat X

ED2G ITA Introduction to Algebra

ED2G BIO Introduction to Biology

ED2G IBA Introduction to Business Analysis

ED2G CPB C# Programming for the Absolute Beginner

ED2G CAB C++ for the Absolute Beginner

ED2G TML Introduction to CSS3 and HTML5

ED2G ICM Introduction to Chemistry

ED2G CWW Creating WordPress Websites

ED2G ICL Introduction to Criminal Law

ED2G CRI Introduction to Crystal Reports

ED2G IDD Introduction to Database Development

ED2G DSC Introduction to Digital Scrapbooking

ED2G ID6 Introduction to Dreamweaver CS6

ED2G IGA Introduction to Google Analytics

ED2G ICG Introduction to Guitar

ED2G II6 Introduction to Illustrator CS6

ED2G INC Introduction to InDesign CC

ED2G IN6 Introduction to InDesign CS6

ED2G IND Introduction to Interior Design

ED2G IWM Introduction to Internet Writing Markets

ED2G JAB Introduction to Java Programming

ED2G IJP Introduction to JavaScript

ED2G ITJ Introduction to Journaling

ED2G LR5 Introduction to Lightroom 5

ED2G LRC Introduction to Lightroom CC

ED2G IA0 Introduction to Microsoft Access 2010

ED2G IA6 Introduction to Microsoft Access 2016

ED2G IA7 Introduction to Microsoft Access 2007

ED2G IA8 Introduction to Microsoft Access 2013

ED2G IX6 Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2016

ED2G IX7 Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2007

ED2G IX8 Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2013

ED2G IXT Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2010

ED2G IM0 Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2010

ED2G IM3 Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2013

ED2G I13 Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

ED2G IP0 Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

ED2G IP6 Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

ED2G MM0 Introduction to Microsoft Project 2010

ED2G MM3 Introduction to Microsoft Project 2013

ED2G MM6 Introduction to Microsoft Project 2016

ED2G MP0 Introduction to Microsoft Publisher 2010

ED2G PB3 Introduction to Microsoft Publisher 2013

ED2G IW6 Introduction to Microsoft Word 2016

ED2G IW7 Introduction to Microsoft Word 2007

ED2G IWT Introduction to Microsoft Word 2010

ED2G MW3 Introduction to Microsoft Word 2013

ED2G NHH Introduction to Natural Health and Healing

ED2G ITN Introduction to Networking

ED2G INM Introduction to Nonprofit Management

ED2G IOC Introduction to Oracle

ED2G PCS Introduction to PC Security

ED2G TRB Introduction to PC Troubleshooting

ED2G IPH Introduction to PHP and MySQL

ED2G PCC Introduction to Photoshop CC

ED2G IC5 Introduction to Photoshop CS5

ED2G IC6 Introduction to Photoshop CS6

ED2G ITP Introduction to Programming

ED2G IPY Introduction to Python 2.5 Programming

ED2G PY3 Introduction to Python 3 Programming

ED2G Q13 Introduction to QuickBooks 2013

ED2G Q14 Introduction to QuickBooks 2014

ED2G Q15 Introduction to QuickBooks 2015

ED2G Q16 Introduction to QuickBooks 2016

ED2G QOL Introduction to QuickBooks Online

ED2G SQL Introduction to SQL

ED2G ISW Introduction to Screenwriting

ED2G STA Introduction to Statistics

ED2G ISO Introduction to Stock Options

ED2G VB0 Introduction to Visual Basic

ED2G W0I Introduction to Windows 10

ED2G W7I Introduction to Windows 7

ED2G W8I Introduction to Windows 8

ED2G IXM Introduction to XML

ED2G KEY Keyboarding

ED2G KEC Keys to Effective Communication

ED2G BWL Keys to Successful Money Management

ED2G LPI LPI Linux Essentials Exam Prep

ED2G TP2 LSAT Preparation - Part 1

ED2G TP5 LSAT Preparation - Part 2

ED2G LDR Leadership

ED2G EBY Learn to Buy and Sell on eBay

ED2G LNC Legal Nurse Consulting

ED2G WYH Work Yourself Happy

ED2G LWT Lose Weight and Keep It Off

ED2G LLF Luscious, Low-Fat, Lightning-Quick Meals

ED2G MIP Mac, iPhone, and iPad Programming

ED2G CUF Customer Service Fundamentals

ED2G MFA Manufacturing Applications

ED2G MFF Manufacturing Fundamentals

ED2G MBI Marketing Your Business on the Internet

ED2G MYN Marketing Your Nonprofit

ED2G KSM Marriage and Relationships: Keys to Success

ED2G MPS Mastering Public Speaking

ED2G SLR Mastering Your Digital SLR Camera

ED2G MSF Mastery of Business Fundamentals

ED2G EWM Everyday Math

ED2G MDM Medical Math

ED2G MD2 Medical Terminology II: A Focus on Human Disease

ED2G MET Medical Terminology: A Word Association Approach

ED2G MSR Merrill Ream Speed Reading

ED2G PTS Microsoft Excel - Pivot Tables

ED2G CP3 Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 in the Classroom

ED2G LRM Music Made Easy

ED2G MYS Mystery Writing

ED2G SIF Nonprofit Fundraising Essentials

ED2G PPF PMP Certification Prep 1

ED2G PPA PMP Certification Prep 2

ED2G QP3 Performing Payroll in QuickBooks 2013

ED2G QP4 Performing Payroll in QuickBooks 2014

ED2G QP5 Performing Payroll in QuickBooks 2015

ED2G PFN Personal Finance

ED2G PNT Photographing Nature with Your Digital Camera

ED2G PPS Mastering Digital Photography: Photographing People

ED2G PD1 Photoshop CC for the Digital Photographer

ED2G PD2 Photoshop CC for the Digital Photographer II

ED2G P21 Photoshop Elements 12 for the Digital Photographer

ED2G P22 Photoshop Elements 12 for the Digital Photographer II

ED2G P31 Photoshop Elements 13 for the Digital Photographer

ED2G P32 Photoshop Elements 13 for the Digital Photographer II

ED2G EPI Practical Ideas for the Adult ESL/EFL Classroom

ED2G PX1 Praxis Core Preparation

ED2G GE3 Prepare for the GED Math Test

ED2G PSS Professional Sales Skills

ED2G PMA Project Management Applications

ED2G PMF Project Management Fundamentals

ED2G PYB Publish and Sell Your E-Books

ED2G PCF Purchasing Fundamentals

ED2G QC4 QuickBooks 2013 for Contractors

ED2G QC6 QuickBooks 2015 for Contractors

ED2G QC5 QuickBooks for Contractors 2014

ED2G RSR Ready, Set, Read!

ED2G REI Real Estate Investing

ED2G REL Real Estate Law

ED2G RMW Research Methods for Writers

ED2G 4RI Response to Intervention: Reading Strategies That Work

ED2G CRW Responsive Web Design

ED2G RWW Resume Writing Workshop

ED2G ROW Romance Writing

ED2G TP7 SAT/ACT Prep Course - Part 1

ED2G TP8 SAT/ACT Prep Course - Part 2

ED2G EPH Secrets of Better Photography

ED2G BAC Secrets of the Caterer

ED2G 4DM Singapore Math Strategies: Advanced Model Drawing for Grades 6-9

ED2G 4SM Singapore Math Strategies: Model Drawing for Grades 1-6

ED2G 4NS Singapore Math: Number Sense and Computational Strategies

ED2G TQA Six Sigma: Total Quality Applications

ED2G DEC Skills for Making Great Decisions

ED2G BMS Small Business Marketing on a Shoestring

ED2G CDP Solving Classroom Discipline Problems

ED2G DI2 Solving Classroom Discipline Problems II

ED2G SLE Spanish for Law Enforcement

ED2G SM2 Spanish for Medical Professionals II

ED2G SMP Spanish for Medical Professionals

ED2G STC Spanish in the Classroom

ED2G SPS Speed Spanish

ED2G SP2 Speed Spanish II

ED2G SP3 Speed Spanish III

ED2G ACB Start Your Own Arts and Crafts Business

ED2G SEG Start Your Own Edible Garden

ED2G GBB Start Your Own Gift Basket Business

ED2G SYB Start Your Own Online Business

ED2G BIZ Start Your Own Small Business

ED2G PSB Start a Pet Sitting Business

ED2G SHB Start and Operate Your Own Home-Based Business

ED2G SC1 Start Your Own Consulting Practice

ED2G CYN Starting a Nonprofit

ED2G SBI Stocks, Bonds, and Investing: Oh, My!

ED2G SCF Supply Chain Management Fundamentals

ED2G SKT Survival Kit for New Teachers

ED2G TAL Teaching Adult Learners

ED2G EGE Teaching ESL/EFL Grammar

ED2G EFL Teaching ESL/EFL Reading

ED2G ETV Teaching ESL/EFL Vocabulary

ED2G THS Teaching High School Students

ED2G TMT Teaching Math: Grades 4-6

ED2G TPS Teaching Preschool: A Year of Inspiring Lessons

ED2G SCI Teaching Science: Grades 4-6

ED2G 4SB Teaching Smarter With SMART Boards

ED2G 4AD Teaching Students With ADHD

ED2G 4AS Teaching Students With Autism: Strategies for Success

ED2G LDS Working Successfully With Learning Disabled Students

ED2G WRT Teaching Writing: Grades 4-6

ED2G TWK Teaching Writing: Grades K-3

ED2G 10F The Analysis and Valuation of Stocks

ED2G MW1 The Craft of Magazine Writing

ED2G TCC The Creative Classroom

ED2G 4DI The Differentiated Instruction and Response to Intervention Connection

ED2G KEE The Keys to Effective Editing

ED2G TQF Six Sigma: Total Quality Fundamentals

ED2G TDP Travel Photography for the Digital Photographer

ED2G TRW Travel Writing

ED2G JHS 12 Steps to a Successful Job Search

ED2G UNA Understanding Adolescents

ED2G UTC Understanding the Cloud

ED2G RES Understanding the Human Resources Function

ED2G SMB Using Social Media in Business

ED2G IIC Using the Internet in the Classroom

ED2G 5BP Blogging and Podcasting for Beginners

ED2G OF3 What's New in Microsoft Office 2013

ED2G WDM Where Does All My Money Go?

ED2G WNT Wireless Networking

ED2G WCP Workers' Compensation

ED2G WGE Wow, What a Great Event!

ED2G EWC Write Effective Web Content

ED2G WLP Write Like a Pro

ED2G WL1 Write Your Life Story

ED2G WPN Write and Publish Your Nonfiction Book

ED2G WC2 How to Make Money From Your Writing

ED2G WC1 Writeriffic: Creativity Training for Writers

ED2G WGP Writing Effective Grant Proposals

ED2G WRE Writing Essentials

ED2G WYF Writing Young Adult Fiction

ED2G WFC Writing for Children

ED2G WFE Writing for ESL

ED2G WFN Writing the Fantasy Novel

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