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Readmission Application


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I. Applicants for readmission who have not graduated from the college must complete and submit the application below. Applicants who are or will be graduates of the College and wish to apply for readmission must complete a SUNY application and process it through the SUNY Application Processing Center for a new program. The new program must be significantly different from the program which the student graduated.
II. It will be necessary for students applying for readmission to submit an official transcript for any credit received since attending Alfred State. Alfred State transcripts need not be submitted by the student.
III. The Admissions Office will process applications and materials for readmission once they arrive on campus and payment is received.
IV. According to the academic regulations of the College (402.5 Academic Dismissal), a student placed on academic dismissal may not be readmitted in any College program in the regular semester following his/her academic dismissal.
APPLICATION FEE: The fee to process your application for readmission is $50. The fee is non-refundable and is independent of an admission decision or decision to withdraw or decline an offer of acceptance. Your application will not be processed until full payment is received.
EOP FEE WAIVER: If you are applying for readmission through the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), the fee for your application will be waived, initially. If, upon review of your application, you are found ineligible for EOP, or EOP is not available for your program, you will be billed for the fee.
PAYMENT OPTIONS are as follows:
Credit or Debit card: MasterCard, VISA, Discover.
Check (or Money Order):To pay by check, send a single check for the total amount due to Alfred State. Checks must be made payable to Alfred State College. Returned checks will be subject to an additional processing fee of $20.

Re-Admission Entry Term: Required

Personal Information

First Name: Required


Last Name: Required

Gender: Required

Male Female

Address 1: Required

Address 2:

City: Required


NYS County:

Nation: Required

Zip/Postal Code: Required

E-mail Address: Required

Re-enter E-mail Address: Required

Phone Number: Required

(including area code, no dashes)

Former Name:

Date of Birth: Required


Program: Required

Full or Part Time: Required

Part Time Full

Do you require on-campus housing? Required

Yes No
Residency Information

Are you a U.S. Citizen? Required

Yes No     If no, are you a US permanent resident? Yes No

Social Security Number:

(Recommended if you are a U.S. resident or U.S. citizen)

Are you a NYS resident? Required

Yes No     If yes, but for less than a year, how many months?
Name all Colleges attended (including Alfred State)





Full/Part Time


MM/YY From


Academic Program

Since last attending Alfred State,

Have you been convicted of a felony?: Required

Yes No

Have you been dismissed and/or expelled from a college for disciplinary reason?: Required

Yes No
Please explain why you are seeking readmission. Also, if you have been academically dismissed from Alfred State,
please explain what you have done or plan to do to improve your academic performance.

Please review and print a copy of this page for your own records.

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